Thursday, November 6, 2014

Logobench reviews the logo change of mall of America

Logobench reviews the logo change of mall of America
Mall of America recently went for a logo change; they wanted a more colorful and a vibrant looking logo. So they went for a higher end changes. Earlier the logo was a star having two colors of the American flag. The third color was obviously white and the whole logo with the name of the brand gave a very patriotic feel to the outlook. They wanted to change it, so went for a logo redesign, a major change.
This time around the they used more colors giving it a more global appeal. The star has changed and is more color ful. The whole star has many colors looking like a ribbon encircling the name og the brand. From the center we can see the name of the brand is appearing  and the italic font make s the logo very professional and smooth. This goes with the constant innovation and changes that the mall of America goes through all throughout the year.

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