Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LogoBench reviews the Cisco’s iconic logo.

LogoBench reviews the Cisco’s iconic logo.
Cisco is one of the networking equipment giants. They manufacture, design and sell the equipment around the world. They are based in San Jose, California which is oblivion in the name itself. The company was founded in California and they named themselves after the name of the state. And the patriotism doesn't end there. Their logo is also made in accordance with the state of California.  The blue lines that we see on top of the name may look like the analog signal, but they resemble the iconic Golden gate bridge.  This is a type of logo that is serving both the purposes. This not only inspires the American community of California but it also shows what a logo can do to your business worldwide.
Cisco is one of the market leaders and they promote their logo worldwide. Their presence is truly global, that means they are not only promoting their brand but they are also promoting history and patriotism. We do see logos that are showing the tri color of the American flag or the star in different abbreviations.

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