Friday, October 31, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the first impression of the logo change made by VISA.

LogoBench Reviews the first impression of the logo change made by VISA.

Visa is the global leader in the digital payments business. This the one name that you will find on every credit or a debit card. Although it is one the biggest brands worldwide and having an absolute global presence, yet they made a mistake by going for a logo redesign. Their earlier logo a simple looking italic bold typography just saying VISA. What was unique about that logo was that the V had a golden fold going towards the left on the top. This gave the loge the unique edge that is lacking in the new logo.

The new logo is like a replica of the old one. It has relatively the same color scheme which is the darker shade of blue. Font size, spacing and letter-forms are absolutely the same. The creator must have tried to keep the visual appeal of the old logo b

ut keeping it this same was not expected. One would suggest that the old logo was better than the new one and if this was the level of creativity then a new logo shouldn’t have been proposed in the first place.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the new logo design of K-Swiss

LogoBench Reviews the new logo design of K-Swiss
K-Swiss is a famous American tennis footwear brand. They have recently revamped their identity, logo, typeface and the color scheme which they think better reflects their true identity. K Swiss recently formed a new team that was given the task of redesigning the brand shield logo. The immediate change to its logo that is observable can be noticed that the stripes are pointing upwards. The original red white and blue which is known to be the American heritage has been kept but with a bright facelift. The blue that we see is no ordinary blue, At K Swiss they call it Brunner Blue, which is named of the founders of K Swiss.
The new color will be promoted in all fronts which include the logo, packaging, websites and retail displays. K Swiss has positi

oned itself in the All American category and they proudly reflect that gesture in the latest revamp. They have managed to overhaul the image of the brand by keeping the originality of the symbolic colors and the shield which has brought them long term equity. The typeface is inspired from the Federal Highway administration’s interstate road signs. Indecently both of these organizations were created in the same year i.e. 1966.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Logobench Reviews the logo design trends from around the world

Logobench Reviews the logo design trends from around the world

There are many different types of logo designs that the developers use. But by looking at them from an outset, we can see that they do not look alike or follow a pattern. Well to be honest, that’s exactly why logos are formulated. The purpose of a logo is create individuality and give a face to the product presence.

One of the very common types of logo design is the symmetrical type of logos. They look intricate and balanced which creates a perspective about the brand. A famous symmetrical logo is that of Motorola. It’s a very simple looking logo in the monotone colors of black and white. The logo is a black full circle with a “M” in the center. It’s a very simple yet brilliant logo considering the simplicity involved in it. The ‘M’ is in the shape of two communication towers, which goes with the brand identity i.e. communication devices. Another good example is the logo of Unilever. The logo on the outset looks li

ke a U of the Unilever with written in the bottom. By looking closely the U is actually a mixture of many symbols and signs. This denotes that Unilever has many brands associated with them and all of them are in perfect alignment with the organization.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the impact of logos with hidden messages

LogoBench Reviews the impact of logos with hidden messages
Logo is one of the most important aspects in brand making.  The reason behind that is companies try to be creative, and create something that is instantly recognizable. That’s one of the main purposes of branding and logo designing. It is that image which customers can relate to, recall whenever they see it.
A logo creates the first impact on a consumer. So it acts as a tool of identifying your brand and also differentiating from your competitors.  A successful logo also carries the brands values with it. They are designed with the brand in mind. How they can create value and individuality within the target market.
Some of the world’s most famous logos aren’t just popular because of the brand they are representing, it is also because the logo’s carry a message. Sometimes the logo’s have a subliminal message hidden in them.  Famous logos like Amazon, Coca-Cola and FedEx have some hidden messages.

has a very simple looking logo that appears to give out a name of the company. Simple typography and plain two tone colors is what give FedEx its identity. Their aim is to promote delivery accuracy and speed with a hidden arrow between the letters of E and X. This is subliminal in nature but very obvious if looked a little closely.

Friday, October 24, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the science behind the colors used in web development.

The colors we see in a website normally depict the organizations theme or the brands color combination. The colors let you relate to the physical product or the organizations identity. Colors are used to drive attention of the visitor.

Nearly all visual individuality have neutral coloring's (i.e the shades, tints, and hues of whiteness’s, grayness’s, and blacks) that are used on with their primary colors. In most modern patterns, these achromatic colors often take authority in terms of how much real property they take up.
If the primary colors of an organization are say red and yellow, then you won’t find their web page with those bright and loud colors as the background or the font color. Usually the background will be a shade of yellow or white and shades of red in some places. The banners or main images may be of the actual colors of the brand.

These shades or white backgrounds are helpful in calming the minds of the visitor. They would feel the text is not pushy and will spend more time on the web page. Some colors have particular effects on the user such as blues, purples and greens gives out professional, and a business look. Whereas orange and red color give out a sense of creativity and dynamism.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Logobench Reviews how a logo can be more than a logo.

Logobench Reviews how a logo can be more than a logo.

Whenever a new logo is launched by a high profile company people come up with relentless comments that a five year old can come up with a better design or 200 thousand dollars for a scribble! That’s a rip off! Criticizing a logo is easy but understanding the logic behind the new logo design and the reasons behind the rebranding approach is difficult for a consumer to understand. When a company re brands itself , it means they could have changed their product line, or a new management is in place. It can also occur in the case of the company being acquired by another company. In a joint venture the companies involved retain their identity but in case of a merger or an acquisition. The companies involved lose their identity and then there is a need of a new identity and a new logo, possibly of a new name too.

Sometimes it can be very dangerous for a company to change its logo. People who are loyal to your product or service don’t want to change. Not everyone thinks alike, and it’s not necessary the new identity is liked by everyone. There are a lot of examples of a successful re branding and new logo designing. Pepsi have changed their logo time and again but the changes are slight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Logobench Reviews the web developers who aren’t really developing.

Just like the websites these days, web developers are popping up everywhere we see. We live in the age of technology and the WorldWide Web

. Every brand, every company no matter how small or big that it may be, they want their website to look like an award winning eye candy. Web developers know this fact and they try come up with all the new ideas. Some come up with their new and creative ideas, some copy the good one, some follow templates and there are a few who just want to trouble the client and extort money from them. They charge thousands of dollars and in return give almost nothing. Since they are only available online and very few of them are physically in front of you, it’s really hard for you to catch them and get your work done. Or for that matter get you money back in case of a rejection from your end. It is a sort of a thing that can happen in any business.

Many of the cases that are being observed indicated there is still a substantial knowledge gap between business concern operators and service suppliers when it comes to website developing, leaving business organization open to victimization by some developers.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Logobench reviews the University of California and Global Food initiatives Logo design contest

Logobench reviews the University of California and Global Food initiatives Logo design contest

In its first level, the initiative endeavors to create and nurture manifestation gardens in the 10 schools, dish out nutritious foods in feeding halls, integrate food matters into more undergrad and graduate grades and reform coin machine to offer more goodish choices.

Like most chances at UC Berkeley, this initiatory encourages a active approach from pupils, and here’s your chance to get into action: The Global Food Initiative calls for a logo, and they wish you to design it. This competition is open to all undergrad, graduate and professional person school pupils at any of the 10 universities. You

can work with a collaborator or alone, and you ought to submit a genuine original work. The deadline for submittal is Nov. 3. Not only will your graphics gain exposure, but as well your name will be affiliated with a wonderful cause.

Here’s the best piece: The winner of the competition will acquire $2,000. That’s quite an amount. That’ll likely cover your school text supply fee for a year, or even 2. That’ll cause you 1,000 CREAM ice cream snack food supply. That’ll supply your Top Ramen fix for an entire six months! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Logobench reviews the concept a new online brand creation.

Logobench reviews the concept a new online brand creation. 

Presumably design concepts are produced without in-depth briefing on the brand name, then both creative department and client end up trusting too much on a non-rational idea of the result, and consequently run the risk of resubmit being subjective. A brief that's pulled up from a clear brand scheme enables both companies to rationalize the design conclusions.
Spend some time on your research
Interpret the personality of the brand name - its history, purpose and the attributes behind it all. Take out every subtlety of who the client is and what the organization's about, including the proposed target market, how it likes to be comprehended, and formats and sales outlet for where it wants to promote oneself.

Estimate realistic expectations

It can be a worthy exercise to ask customers to do their own in depth analysis into finding points of reference for their stigmatizing: you'll shortly see what they care about, and usefully how across-the-board their understanding of design is.
Understand the market competition.
Look at the colorations, fonts and visual trends used by competitors and then produce something truly unparalleled, positioned far away from them all the competitors. Think of the diverged uses, colorings and sizes of your pattern. Then step back and present it to your client and sympathize with him.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Logobench reviews the importance of logo designs and how colorful they can be.

Logobench reviews the importance of logo designs and how colorful they can be.

Logos define your personality as a business. Their color combination becomes the theme for your future and current productions. Not only the logo need to be colorful but the colors should be appropriately adjusted. Uncluttered approach creates uniqueness. Some of the world’s best logos consist of two tone colors. S

o it’s not important to fill up the logo design with color and end up looking like a modified rainbow.

Conceive color choices cautiously
Whether you apply a two bit color or a four color procedure, logo will hugely impact any repetetion costs in the futurity. While not decisive in the initial design levels, your choice of embodied color will have a domino effect throughout all you collective ‘look-plus-feel’ stuff and is a determination that should not be taken gently in the final levels of the design procedure.

Some logo colors cannot be multiplied
In conventional media that there is and the other way around, Some Logo colors are beyond a CMYK layout – entailing that the color cannot be published using CMYK or Pantone blot color equivalent type. To make things more complex, often logo safe colors can be changed over successfully. Best proposal – if there’s a peculiar logo color you wish to use.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Logobench reviews some of the new trends in website development.

Logobench reviews some of the new trends in website development.
Some of the trends which were considered new are becoming obsolete as we move on. Visitors need new stuff every time they visit a site. What’s required is an invigorating unique experience. You cannot expect conversion and business with a mediocre website design. Following are some of the trends being employed by the top web developers.

1. Minimal text

It’s lesser the better when it comes to text. The long winded writings of the old age are out, with the present trend of bullet points, symbolizations, and info graphics.
2. More prominent, better images

With bigger monitors and higher resolution screens, images hold a lot of scope on a great looking internet site. The current trend is not merely for big images, although; it’s also for more effective images. This signifies a step away from mediocre images, with the best sites utilizing great quality images that are unparalleled to their site.
3. Interactional navigation

The bar around the top side is a thing of the past, with the most effective navigation design being synergistic. The current designing trend is to integrate navigation into the pictures on the site in a originative, interactive way. This promotes visitors to check up on more of the site as they get engaged with the navigation itself.
4. Optical scrolling
For a cool, futuristic type website, optical scrolling is the thing u need. This technique gives a sensation of deepness as the foreground and backdrop images scroll at different velocities. The result is very different to the usual websites and it’s something that viewers will surely want to share with all their acquaintances!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Logobench reviews some common facts about mobile responsive websites

Logobench reviews some common facts about mobile responsive websites

Following are some of the misconceptions about the Responsive websites being developed today.

Misconception #1
Responsive style is only restricted to Mobile Devices
Well, it’s true that the concept of making responsive design was driven by the emergence of internet-friendly mobile devices. However, that will not mean that this type of websites is restricted to the mobile devices solely. The fundamental design of a responsive style is to adopt itself to the device of the customer, which is b

ecoming used to looking at the web site. So, in spite of whether or not you're using a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device to look at the web site, a reactive webpage ought to drive higher user expertise by showing in good adjustment to all these platforms.

Misconception #2
Responsive style incorporates a negative impact on the Site’s readability.
Well, this can be in all probability, one of the foremost common problems that a user blames on a responsive web page. However, it's not entirely attributable to the responsive style. Usually, whereas making a responsive web page, the designers and therefore the programmers focus additionally on the responsive half – each the designing and programming aspects of it. Hence, very little or no importance is imparted on choosing the fonts properly. This hampers the readability of the web site and therefore, the user-friendliness is compromised. However, this has nothing to do directly with the method of responsive web pages. Websites will be given an ideal look with fully impeccable font choice even whereas creating them responsive.

Misconception #3
Content can’t be scanned properly in Responsive Websites

Although this can be really absurd, this story is additionally connected to the construct of responsive web pages. The construct of responsive websites came into being with the need of making certain that the users will have a much better experience. This type of web pages is supposed to make sites that may be viewed cleanly across a large number of devices. So, it's quite obvious that the activity of reading the content won't be barred even once an internet site is given a responsive style. In fact, embedded content will be excellently employed in responsive net style.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Logobench reviews: Logo bench offers the best rates for unique logo designs

"How much will it cost?" is the one of the most frequently asked query and it cannot be easily responded because every organization has different demands and expectations. You have to take a count of elements into consideration when conceiving a logo/brand identity, such as how many constructs need to be presented, how many alterations will be needed, how much exploration is required, how large the business is and so on.

The best approaching move is to pull up a custom-made quote for each client and to do this you ought to learn how to price your creations, which is an another topic in itself. It should be aligned with your work and your potential to deliver what’s required. Management needs to make appropriate, a notable logo design firm, keeps their rate market competitive and affordable. The important point here being one of the best in the business is to work smartly, all the designers need to work more voguish. The team should independently determine what their talent, expertise and skill is worth of and charges the client consequently without doubt or excuse. Being smart in finding out what you should charge up for your work

will hopefully grant you to 'work less, charge more' in the time to come." offers a lot more than just logo design. From custom made website designs to complete branding of your company, all this at very affordable and flexible rates.