Friday, October 17, 2014

Logobench reviews the concept a new online brand creation.

Logobench reviews the concept a new online brand creation. 

Presumably design concepts are produced without in-depth briefing on the brand name, then both creative department and client end up trusting too much on a non-rational idea of the result, and consequently run the risk of resubmit being subjective. A brief that's pulled up from a clear brand scheme enables both companies to rationalize the design conclusions.
Spend some time on your research
Interpret the personality of the brand name - its history, purpose and the attributes behind it all. Take out every subtlety of who the client is and what the organization's about, including the proposed target market, how it likes to be comprehended, and formats and sales outlet for where it wants to promote oneself.

Estimate realistic expectations

It can be a worthy exercise to ask customers to do their own in depth analysis into finding points of reference for their stigmatizing: you'll shortly see what they care about, and usefully how across-the-board their understanding of design is.
Understand the market competition.
Look at the colorations, fonts and visual trends used by competitors and then produce something truly unparalleled, positioned far away from them all the competitors. Think of the diverged uses, colorings and sizes of your pattern. Then step back and present it to your client and sympathize with him.

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