Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Logobench reviews some of the new trends in website development.

Logobench reviews some of the new trends in website development.
Some of the trends which were considered new are becoming obsolete as we move on. Visitors need new stuff every time they visit a site. What’s required is an invigorating unique experience. You cannot expect conversion and business with a mediocre website design. Following are some of the trends being employed by the top web developers.

1. Minimal text

It’s lesser the better when it comes to text. The long winded writings of the old age are out, with the present trend of bullet points, symbolizations, and info graphics.
2. More prominent, better images

With bigger monitors and higher resolution screens, images hold a lot of scope on a great looking internet site. The current trend is not merely for big images, although; it’s also for more effective images. This signifies a step away from mediocre images, with the best sites utilizing great quality images that are unparalleled to their site.
3. Interactional navigation

The bar around the top side is a thing of the past, with the most effective navigation design being synergistic. The current designing trend is to integrate navigation into the pictures on the site in a originative, interactive way. This promotes visitors to check up on more of the site as they get engaged with the navigation itself.
4. Optical scrolling
For a cool, futuristic type website, optical scrolling is the thing u need. This technique gives a sensation of deepness as the foreground and backdrop images scroll at different velocities. The result is very different to the usual websites and it’s something that viewers will surely want to share with all their acquaintances!

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