Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the impact of logos with hidden messages

LogoBench Reviews the impact of logos with hidden messages
Logo is one of the most important aspects in brand making.  The reason behind that is companies try to be creative, and create something that is instantly recognizable. That’s one of the main purposes of branding and logo designing. It is that image which customers can relate to, recall whenever they see it.
A logo creates the first impact on a consumer. So it acts as a tool of identifying your brand and also differentiating from your competitors.  A successful logo also carries the brands values with it. They are designed with the brand in mind. How they can create value and individuality within the target market.
Some of the world’s most famous logos aren’t just popular because of the brand they are representing, it is also because the logo’s carry a message. Sometimes the logo’s have a subliminal message hidden in them.  Famous logos like Amazon, Coca-Cola and FedEx have some hidden messages.

has a very simple looking logo that appears to give out a name of the company. Simple typography and plain two tone colors is what give FedEx its identity. Their aim is to promote delivery accuracy and speed with a hidden arrow between the letters of E and X. This is subliminal in nature but very obvious if looked a little closely.

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