Friday, October 24, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the science behind the colors used in web development.

The colors we see in a website normally depict the organizations theme or the brands color combination. The colors let you relate to the physical product or the organizations identity. Colors are used to drive attention of the visitor.

Nearly all visual individuality have neutral coloring's (i.e the shades, tints, and hues of whiteness’s, grayness’s, and blacks) that are used on with their primary colors. In most modern patterns, these achromatic colors often take authority in terms of how much real property they take up.
If the primary colors of an organization are say red and yellow, then you won’t find their web page with those bright and loud colors as the background or the font color. Usually the background will be a shade of yellow or white and shades of red in some places. The banners or main images may be of the actual colors of the brand.

These shades or white backgrounds are helpful in calming the minds of the visitor. They would feel the text is not pushy and will spend more time on the web page. Some colors have particular effects on the user such as blues, purples and greens gives out professional, and a business look. Whereas orange and red color give out a sense of creativity and dynamism.

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