Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Logobench Reviews how a logo can be more than a logo.

Logobench Reviews how a logo can be more than a logo.

Whenever a new logo is launched by a high profile company people come up with relentless comments that a five year old can come up with a better design or 200 thousand dollars for a scribble! That’s a rip off! Criticizing a logo is easy but understanding the logic behind the new logo design and the reasons behind the rebranding approach is difficult for a consumer to understand. When a company re brands itself , it means they could have changed their product line, or a new management is in place. It can also occur in the case of the company being acquired by another company. In a joint venture the companies involved retain their identity but in case of a merger or an acquisition. The companies involved lose their identity and then there is a need of a new identity and a new logo, possibly of a new name too.

Sometimes it can be very dangerous for a company to change its logo. People who are loyal to your product or service don’t want to change. Not everyone thinks alike, and it’s not necessary the new identity is liked by everyone. There are a lot of examples of a successful re branding and new logo designing. Pepsi have changed their logo time and again but the changes are slight.

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