Thursday, October 30, 2014

LogoBench Reviews the new logo design of K-Swiss

LogoBench Reviews the new logo design of K-Swiss
K-Swiss is a famous American tennis footwear brand. They have recently revamped their identity, logo, typeface and the color scheme which they think better reflects their true identity. K Swiss recently formed a new team that was given the task of redesigning the brand shield logo. The immediate change to its logo that is observable can be noticed that the stripes are pointing upwards. The original red white and blue which is known to be the American heritage has been kept but with a bright facelift. The blue that we see is no ordinary blue, At K Swiss they call it Brunner Blue, which is named of the founders of K Swiss.
The new color will be promoted in all fronts which include the logo, packaging, websites and retail displays. K Swiss has positi

oned itself in the All American category and they proudly reflect that gesture in the latest revamp. They have managed to overhaul the image of the brand by keeping the originality of the symbolic colors and the shield which has brought them long term equity. The typeface is inspired from the Federal Highway administration’s interstate road signs. Indecently both of these organizations were created in the same year i.e. 1966.

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