Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Logobench Reviews the logo design trends from around the world

Logobench Reviews the logo design trends from around the world

There are many different types of logo designs that the developers use. But by looking at them from an outset, we can see that they do not look alike or follow a pattern. Well to be honest, that’s exactly why logos are formulated. The purpose of a logo is create individuality and give a face to the product presence.

One of the very common types of logo design is the symmetrical type of logos. They look intricate and balanced which creates a perspective about the brand. A famous symmetrical logo is that of Motorola. It’s a very simple looking logo in the monotone colors of black and white. The logo is a black full circle with a “M” in the center. It’s a very simple yet brilliant logo considering the simplicity involved in it. The ‘M’ is in the shape of two communication towers, which goes with the brand identity i.e. communication devices. Another good example is the logo of Unilever. The logo on the outset looks li

ke a U of the Unilever with written in the bottom. By looking closely the U is actually a mixture of many symbols and signs. This denotes that Unilever has many brands associated with them and all of them are in perfect alignment with the organization.

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