Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Logobench reviews some common facts about mobile responsive websites

Logobench reviews some common facts about mobile responsive websites

Following are some of the misconceptions about the Responsive websites being developed today.

Misconception #1
Responsive style is only restricted to Mobile Devices
Well, it’s true that the concept of making responsive design was driven by the emergence of internet-friendly mobile devices. However, that will not mean that this type of websites is restricted to the mobile devices solely. The fundamental design of a responsive style is to adopt itself to the device of the customer, which is b

ecoming used to looking at the web site. So, in spite of whether or not you're using a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device to look at the web site, a reactive webpage ought to drive higher user expertise by showing in good adjustment to all these platforms.

Misconception #2
Responsive style incorporates a negative impact on the Site’s readability.
Well, this can be in all probability, one of the foremost common problems that a user blames on a responsive web page. However, it's not entirely attributable to the responsive style. Usually, whereas making a responsive web page, the designers and therefore the programmers focus additionally on the responsive half – each the designing and programming aspects of it. Hence, very little or no importance is imparted on choosing the fonts properly. This hampers the readability of the web site and therefore, the user-friendliness is compromised. However, this has nothing to do directly with the method of responsive web pages. Websites will be given an ideal look with fully impeccable font choice even whereas creating them responsive.

Misconception #3
Content can’t be scanned properly in Responsive Websites

Although this can be really absurd, this story is additionally connected to the construct of responsive web pages. The construct of responsive websites came into being with the need of making certain that the users will have a much better experience. This type of web pages is supposed to make sites that may be viewed cleanly across a large number of devices. So, it's quite obvious that the activity of reading the content won't be barred even once an internet site is given a responsive style. In fact, embedded content will be excellently employed in responsive net style.

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